Real Estate Capital Appreciation

Real Estate Capital Appreciation

As a smart investor Learn how to sport opportunity in real estate and take advantage of it.

Our 2bedroom apartment in in Mufasa Apartment Ikate Lekki phase 1 was sold for 55m in January 2022 at a pre launched price.

Fast forward to September 2022 same 2bedroom apartment selling for 72m.

That’s N17,000,000 ROI within just 9 months.

That’s how to multiply your capital through real estate investment,let your money works for you.

If you don’t find a way to make money even when you are sleeping you will continue to work until you die.?Les Brown.

With this real estate investment strategy it means you can decide to sell your property and cash out 17m on your investment in just 9 months.

How much do you think this property will worth in 2 years time?

Let look at what you will earn for annual rental income,2bedroom apartment here in Ikate Lekki phase 1 will earn you N4,000,000 annually.

For short let Airbnb daily is N75,000.

We have 365 days in a year, this is how to do calculation as a smart investor.

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